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My Madam Monday

Welcome. I'm so thrilled you've found your way here!

Monday. That day of the week so many of us dread. The weekend is over and it's time to get back to the 9 to 5 grind that rules our daily lives. Laundry needs to be washed, lunches packed, and alarms set. Ideally, you had a fantastic weekend... but that can leave the brunt of weekend drop falling on Monday morning in rush hour traffic.

This is no good for anyone. And if One is a caring and benevolent Domme, then One might take pity upon you and offer a small task to help carry you through the day. Or perhaps even share some personal thoughts and insights out of generosity and a sense of positive reinforcement.

Introducing My Madam Monday

It's a transactional concept, really. Each Monday, I share something about Myself so clients and colleagues can get a better sense of who I am and what I stand for as a Professional. In exchange, all you have to do is follow directions for a little Monday boost to the spirits to get your week off to the right start. For now, this comes as a written blog with future plans to move to a live streaming format. The goal of course is to feel a sense of connection/interaction through a bit of virtual power exchange.

Madam, not Mistress

"Yes, Mistress." It rolls off the tongue and is likely the most common honorific given to a Dominatrix. So why would I use the title "Madam" instead? I don't run a medieval brothel.

The short answer is precisely because "Mistress" is so common. But also because it is slightly harder to say and forces the sub/slave to actually put thought into addressing Me as an individual. It encourages them to remember who it is they have chosen to kneel before and reinforces My power.

Additionally, I studied in France in my twenties and learned a good deal about sexual liberation while there. "Oui, Madame" is a phrase I learned to say just as well as "Yes, Ma'am" in a southern military family. "Ma'am" is an abbreviation for the English "Madam" and feels like a title of respect and authority to Me as well as good manners. "Madam" is a word that indicates wisdom and power, as well as leadership amongst others in the industry/Lifestyle.

I can and sometimes do accept other titles of endearment. Goddess is a longtime favorite, especially when I'm in that mood. And My personal pet refers to Me as "Miss." Like all names and titles, a great deal of the relevance of the words is based on the dynamic of the people using them. It is a subjective preference, but after giving it much thought, Madam seemed the best fit for Me at this time in my BDSM career.

The Task

Today's task is an easy one. Subscribe to My blog and then follow Me on Twitter @MyMadamJess. You'll find your next task waiting for you there when you do! So be a good slave- drink some water, take a few deep breaths, and follow your Madam. I'm watching to see who can adequately follow instructions!


Check back each Monday for another My Madam Monday blog post. I will have some new insight or anecdote about Myself as well as a fun task for you. I believe in positive reinforcement and rewarding good behavior. The more of you who follow directions, the more pleased your Madam will be!

Foot fetishists- I'm considering a Foot Fetish Friday. By the end of the week, doesn't it feel so good to take off those shoes and pantyhose? Visit me to see my beautiful feet each Friday during Happy Hour!

Don't forget to subscribe to this blog and click below follow me on Twitter!

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