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Application Instructions

Applicants who read and follow directions are given priority. 3

All Sessions Require a Tribute Deposit of $100 payable through CashApp at the time of Booking to confirm your time with Me.  No deposit=No Booking.  Use the reference "Consult"- do NOT reference session, dates, times, or activities in your deposit submission.  Deposits are not refundable.


Copy/Paste and answer the following into an e-mail and send to

Subject Line- Session Requested, Date Requested

Name and last initial
Scene/slave name
Date and Time Requested
Session Duration (1 hour minimum)
Phone Number (calls from other numbers will not be answered)
Age and Marital Status
Physical Description
Sexual Orientation
Medical Concerns/Physical Limitations
Medications (persons under the influence will be dismissed)
Phobias/Abuse Issues?
Can you be marked? If so for how long?
Is there any part of your body you are unwilling to offer?
How often would you wish to visit me?
Do you have any wardrobe requests?
How long have you been involved in BDSM activities? When was your last session?
Are you familiar with the Atlanta Dungeon?
Do you have references from other Dommes? Please list
Level of privacy- Are you comfortable with exhibitionism? Photography? Video? Public play?
Additional participants within the session?
What can you offer me other than Tribute (such as service)?
Hard Limits
Ideal Fantasy
What types of play are you looking for? Please be as specific as possible and include desired intensity


Bondage- rope, leather, plastic wrap, bondage tape
Punishment/Impact- barehand spanking, canes, paddles, floggers, dragon’s tails, crops, etc
Genital Torture- tying, slapping, manual squeezing, trampling, kneeing

Erotic Torture- clamps, wax, tease and denial, vibrators, sensation play, nipple play
Foot/Leg worship- boots, heels, stockings, massage, licking, footstool, etc
Ass worship- face sitting, ass kissing, smothering, human throne
Feminization- crossdressing, hairstyling, makeup
Pet Play- caging, collar/leash, shock collars, fetch, food and house training
Domestic- Errand boy, Chauffer, Maid services, Party Favor, Shopping Cart
Humiliation- name calling, verbal, forced-Bi, forced exhibitionism, cuckolding fantasy
Financial Pig/Pay Pig?
Medical Play- enema, physical exam, dental exam, anal exam, psych ward fantasy
Role Play- Costumes/dress up, nurse/patient, nun/sinner, school teacher/naughty boy, etc.




Do not ask for sex.  BDSM activities are not sex. 


Enthusiastic Consent is mandatory for all activities.  


Clients must be able to communicate their needs clearly at all times.  Poor communication and disrespectful language are disgraceful and will not be tolerated.

My hard limits are scat/hard sports, race play, incest play, bottoming, kissing/biting, and intimate sexual contact.

Obedience and good manners are required.

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