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My Madam Monday

Updated: May 2, 2022

Good morning, subs, slaves, sluts and everyone...else. It's been a few weeks. The #Dichotemy of kink/vanilla in an earlier reading caught up with Me. Thanks to my innate Divinity, I of course handled it like the #Boss I am. Now I can turn My attention back to you and offer you some solace from missing My words of wisdom with a small #Task reward.

Since the last My Madam Monday post, I've received a great many clearly ignorant requests and questions. I choose to believe that with proper training, a few of you could be salvageable. Sadly, most of you will be disposed of as inadequate simply through a failure to read and follow directions. It is unfortunate, but true. Benevolence on My part is all that leads Me to even bother sharing this post.

Why didn't You answer my text/call/email/DM?

There are a few reasons I may not have responded to you. Here are some of the top reasons.

  1. You were rude. This includes being arrogant. Why would you come to a Mistress with that kind of attitude? We do NOT serve you. It is about what WE want. That is the very basic principle of what Mistresses do.

  2. You did not listen to or follow the instructions I gave you. Most times, I refer questions to My website for answers. If you continue to ask questions rather than review the information, you are only proving your insincerity in serving Me. I do not want subs that do not follow directions to the best of their ability.

  3. You tried to get a "freebie" out of Me. Somewhere along our conversation, I determined you were once again insincere either by trying to haggle Me or get off without Tribute. That's an automatic dismissal.

  4. You said something super psycho that threw up red flags for My safety.

  5. I just didn't want to. Either I was busy at the time with other things and/or you didn't say anything of substance.

  6. You asked for sex/sexual contact. That is Not what a Mistress does. I'll educate you once, but if you ask again, I will cease all communication.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Quite simply, horny men are the flakiest creatures on the planet and there is nothing I hate more than wasting My time. Your deposit tells Me that you are serious about engaging with Me. It ensures some semblance of safety and security in our interactions and tells Me you have the ability to follow basic instructions. Additionally, it is used to book/reserve your time in the dungeon. I do not schedule you without a deposit.

Send your Tribute- Cash App

Do I have to use Cash App?

I take deposits via Cash App because I like it. Occasionally someone will cry that they don't have cash app or don't want tie the money to their bank account. There are ways around that and various safety precautions you can take. Don't be lazy. Look it up and figure it out. Your pathetic sniveling is unattractive.

Additionally, I can accept Tips via Twitter or Tributes via NiteFlirt. PayPal is also an option. There are many ways. Trying to squiggle out of your deposit is a ridiculous excuse and unacceptable when engaging with a ProDom.

The Task 4.18.22

Show Me you can read and follow directions. Follow me on Twitter. Want to really impress Me? Send me a small Tribute. You've got four options listed right here to do so.

Still want more options? Send me something pretty for My birthday. I'll send you My appreciation when you do.

Don't make excuses.

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