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Monday Motivation

A funny thing happened over the weekend during a session. It's been replaying in My head and keeps making Me chuckle. As I believe in the power of happiness and laughter, I wanted to share what happened.

To set the stage, imagine a sub well tied up and hooded, relatively helpless. I slipped My panties off from under My dress and shoved them in his face.

"Smell them!" I yelled at him. "Smell My panties! They smell good? What do they smell like??"

"Dryer sheets," he says.

It takes everything I have not to bust out laughing. Dryer sheets. Ha!

"Well. At least you know I have clean panties!" I say.

"But I like dirty panties, Madam."

*snort*. "It's not about what you want! It's about My clean panties!"

Thankful for witty thinking even if I did end up laughing way harder than I should have.

If you enjoyed this bit of humor, post a picture of you in panties. Happy Monday!

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