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KinkEd Atlanta May 2023

Discussion Topic- Aftercare and Drop

Join us in a discussion surrounding psychological first aid with aftercare, soothing parasympathetic nervous system post scene, and fostering overall positive emotional wellness. This will be an open discussion with two licensed psychotherapists that will provide a presentation and discussion around self-care, aftercare, brain chemistry, fostering healthy boundaries and much more.

Led by Take up Space Counseling

At Take Up Space Counseling, we are a group of like-minded psychotherapists who wholeheartedly believe each individual deserves a safe, empathetic and genuine space to cope with life’s challenges. In addition to being trauma-informed, we also pride ourselves on being LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiversity affirming. Our office is located in Tucker, GA, and we also see clients via telehealth.

Free aftercare gift bags just in time for Frolicon!

The aftercare bags have been ordered! I can’t wait to share how cute these are.

KinkEd Atlanta-

Join Madam Jess the first Sunday of each month for an afternoon of service and education hosted by the Atlanta Eagle. Each event will begin with a service or safety demo followed by acts of service and social time. Food and beverages available for purchase. Please support the Eagle!

Protocol expressions are highly encouraged.

With enough interest, we may also live stream presenters *ONLY. Your privacy matters.

Atlanta Dungeon-

Atlanta Dungeon, is a collective of Independent Dominatrices, Who through Sisterhood, Community and respect for the quality of Professional Domination, have banded together to promote/provide a place for education, seminars, workshops, sessions, and numerous other Professional Dominatrix & lifestyle functions.

Now the work begins! We need to fill them with great aftercare things. We are looking for sponsors and donors to provide simple aftercare items everyone should have in their toy bags! Reach out if you’re a group, organization, or individual interested in contributing.

Things we are looking for include:

Bandaids and bandages Alcohol and antiseptic wipes Ibuprofen/pain reliever Antibiotic ointment Non latex gloves Electrolyte packs Glucose tablets Hard candy (nothing that can melt please!) Chapstick Hair ties Emergency contact cards

We’ve got lube and condoms covered for folks who enjoy sex as aftercare. 😉. More ideas welcome!

Everything should be individually packaged and sealed for distribution. We have 150 bags- let’s fill up at least 50! 💜 Email Madam Jess for info/details

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