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Kink-Ed Atlanta: Legal First Aid

April TopicsDiscussion- Personal Risk

Class- Legal First Aid by @Reginod

Legal First Aid

From the moment something goes wrong until the moment medical professionals arrive – that’s when first aid is important. Likewise, from the moment law enforcement becomes involved in your scene until the moment legal professionals are called in – knowing what to do can make the difference between a positive outcome and a life-altering one. If police knock on the door mid-scene, what should you do? This class is focused on those moments – how to prepare in case law enforcement becomes involved; what to expect in various kinds of interactions with law enforcement; and how to protect yourself, your rights, and your play partners.

About @Reginod

Aaron has been practicing BDSM for 20+ years and law for 15. An active participant in his local community, he has helped run munches, organize educational events, and host play parties. As an educator he has been happy to be able to combine his vocation and avocation, teaching classes on the various places the law intersects with the world of BDSM. He is told his non-kink interests are boring, but will gladly talk philosophy or Star Trek with you if you disagree.

KinkEd Atlanta-

Join Madam Jess the first Sunday of each month for an afternoon of service and education hosted by the Atlanta Eagle. Each event will begin with a service or safety demo followed by acts of service and social time. Food and beverages available for purchase. Please support the Eagle!

Protocol expressions are highly encouraged.

With enough interest, we may also live stream presenters *ONLY. Your privacy matters.

Atlanta Dungeon-Atlanta Dungeon, is a collective of Independent Dominatrices, Who through Sisterhood, Community and respect for the quality of Professional Domination, have banded together to promote/provide a place for education, seminars, workshops, sessions, and numerous other Professional Dominatrix & lifestyle functions.

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