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Atlanta Dungeon/Atlanta Eagle Collaboration

Official Announcements!

About a year ago, I dreamed up the idea of an educational afternoon of kink focusing on service and protocol, safety and community. I felt strongly then, as I do now, that a community is made up of the people actively participating in it. How "safe" it is, how "fun" it is, how "accessible" it is depends on US. So I took a deep breath and a giant leap of faith in YOU, dear "community," and began hosting The Sunday Service at Atlanta Dungeon.

Thanks to the support of a few of you (all of you), the Sunday Service quickly outgrew the space Atlanta Dungeon has to offer. Through a twist (heh- see what I did there?) of good fortune, I made contact with the Atlanta Eagle and negotiations began on a collaboration to host monthly educational afternoons in their space.

Due to the nature of collaboration, some changes to the Sunday Service event have been made. Most importantly, the event will now be named "Kink-Ed Atlanta". We hope that this name change will clarify the nature of the event for curious people wishing to participate. I'll be updating marketing and event info through the weekend accordingly.

Additionally, the time of the event will now be from 3 pm to 6 pm to allow the Eagle to host brunch (brunch first and a kink afternoon? Sounds like good aftercare to me!). As I will no longer be providing food, the cover cost has gone down as well, from $20 to $10. This fee will still help to cover presenter fees and miscellaneous other expenses as we grow. Sponsorships and donations for educators will be welcome as we work to keep costs low and the event accessible while making sure folks get paid for their time, energy and knowledge!

I truly believe the Atlanta Community needs this sort of core community driven educational event as I know many of you agree. The time to argue about it online and lament its absence has passed. Join us Sunday April 2 at the Atlanta Eagle for Kink-Ed Atlanta where @Reginod will present Legal First Aid.

Please spread the word and the importance of this event! Come out and be the Community you want to have. <3

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