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Kink Degree

There isn't one.

I begin most of My classes and consultations by making that clear. I did not go to school for a degree in BDSM, Polyamory, or anything related to Kink. There is no license or certificate or formal training a person can receive that can be recognized as a measure of knowledge in this Lifestyle. So what, then, makes Me qualified to teach or coach anyone?

I openly ask this question before beginning any presentation. What I have to offer as a BDSM educator does not come from a quantifiable education, but from My own experiences. I have been practicing this Lifestyle for longer than most- 20 years officially this year. I like to think that I've gained some wisdom in that time. I can only share what I have seen, heard, read, and learned from My own point of view, take it for what it is.

I could, I suppose, give a list of classes and demos I've attended over the years. I could name drop various Mistresses and Masters who have shared their knowledge with Me. I could boast of accomplishments on an unofficial and completely unverifiable Kink resume.

Or I could just be honest and say that like all things, there is more than one way to do kink "right". What I have to share is simply My take on it.

I've long been one of those people others come to for questions and advice in regards to sex and relationships. I've never asked for this, but people have been drawn to Me just the same. I believe it is this openness and honesty coupled with My experience that makes others feel comfortable discussing tough and taboo subjects. I make it a point to tell the truth to the best of My ability and acknowledge when I don't have any answers to share.

When seeking a teacher or mentor in BDSM, I encourage everyone to question the background of the educator. What is their character? Their longevity in the scene? Their area of expertise? Where did they learn their skills and do they practice what they preach? How much experience do they have and what is their motivation in teaching?

For Me, I enjoy sharing My experiences in the hopes of validating and reassurIng others with similar kinks. My wish is for everyone to remain safe and consensual while enjoying the best that BDSM has to offer. That is the focus of My classes and I encourage input and discussion on ALL the ways BDSM can be done "correctly".

There is no kink degree y'all. At the end of the day, it's what you want it to be.

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