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Originally written in 2016. Audio performance soon available on LoyalFans! @MyMadamJess

For just a moment, there was silence.

There was no pain. There was only the interior darkness that enveloped and caressed her after her body hit the hard ground. She reveled in that short-lived moment of clarity and space before the world came crashing back in on her.

It came back in the whoosh of sucked in hot air mixed with dust that sent her into a fit of choking. It came back with the deafening roar in her ears and the ominous presence she felt standing over her. Her eyes that had just stared blindly came back into focus on the bits of grass so close she could almost inhale them. But most of all, the thudding pain slammed back into her lifeless body with uncontrollable shivers.

“Get up,” he said.

She didn’t know anymore how long he had been beating her. She had tried to submit at first, to accept it the way the other girls had said she must. But something had snapped inside of her and she had fought him without meaning to, knowing even as she did it how pointless it was. So he beat her harder. He beat her while she screamed, and while she begged, and while she cried. Now she wasn’t crying anymore. Now she was somewhere… else.

“Get up, you useless fucking cunt!” He yelled at her as he landed a solid kick right into her ribs. It wasn’t even that hard of a kick, but it sent the other bruises and welts screaming in a frenzy of fire.

She tried. Her mind willed her body to move, told her she had to move. She felt her arms move a little. Why couldn’t she get up? The panic that had momentarily left her came creeping back into her thoughts. What would he do if she couldn’t get up? She tried to force herself up by sheer determination.

She was still looking at the blades of grass.

“Uuunnff!” she cried out as another solid kick landed in her middle. Her body’s instinct curled her legs up slightly into more of a fetal position. But still she could not make her body get up.

“I don’t know why I fucking bother with pieces of shit like you. What the fuck are you even good for? It’s a fucking waste of my time, you pathetic, nasty little whore.”

The sounds of his continued muttering and curses of her inadequacy started to blend together as she lay there, uncaring, unfeeling. She closed her eyes thinking the worst was over, hoping it was over. Maybe is she lay still enough he would give up…

She gasped when she felt the warmth hit the back of her head. And a single tear rolled down her cheek when she realized he was pissing on her! His piss ran down her forehead then her cheek and puddled in the dust under her face leaving her lying in mud. Humiliation consumed her with more force than his hurtful words could ever have done. Her tears mixed with urine mixed with mud.

“You like that, you little bitch?” He asked as he spat on her just to top it off. “Get her up!” He turned to away from her and commanded to the others, “Hose her down. I’m not done with her yet.”

Two of the other women came over and grabbed her by the arms, one on each side. They lifted her up and braced her on her feet while a third arranged the shackles on her wrists and directed her where to hold the handles. She tried to grab on before the women moved away, but her limp body slumped and she was hanging by her wrists with her feet dragging in the mud- mud made of the tears and piss that covered her body.

Suddenly, the air was sucked from her body again as a blast of frigid water slammed into her chest. She tried to scream, but there was no air! Painfully, she managed to gasp in a ragged breath before the force of water moved up to her face. She choked and spluttered as the stream moved on across her body. Methodically and without mercy the women hosed her down, then advanced on her with some kind of awful soap that burned the welts and cuts on her skin. They scrubbed her like they would an animal, rocking her from side to side and twisting her this way and that. She got the hose turned on her again and this time she screamed when the cold shock of water hit her.

She was shaking and shivering by the time they were done, but she was back on her feet. The cold water had done the trick of reviving her just enough for her to stand on her own. She still hung there in her misery and did not even have the heart to lift her head as he approached her once more.

He grabbed her by the jaw and forced her to look into his eyes. “There you are,” he said with a smile. “I told you I wasn’t done with you yet. You think you can be useful to me now?”

She looked back with dead, uncaring eyes. She wanted to fight, but she couldn’t make herself care. Dejectedly, she blinked her eyes and lowered her head in the slightest resemblance of a nod.

“Good girl.” He said. “That’s a better attitude.” He removed the restraints from her hands. “On your knees. Crawl.” This monster, this beast who had tortured her, turned his back on her and walked over to his chair. She could have disobeyed. She could have attacked him from behind. She could have run away.

But these thoughts fell away to nothing as she dropped back down into the piss and mud and tears on her hands and knees. She obediently crawled to where he was seated smirking at her. And she didn’t have to be told to take his hard exposed cock as far in her throat as she could.

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